Just a suggestion

Could you guys add the target="_blank" to your href’s inside the lessons, it’s not fun bouncing back and forth haha.


Fair point.

Personally I’ve become so used to “right click, open new tab” that it’s not something I personally notice otherwise as I’m consciously aware by that action that I’m NOT leaving the current page of content, but just opening a new tab explicitly.

To me that’s generally far more reliable than expecting someone else to maintain something for me.

Just my tip


Same here and I guess I should be under the presumption that everyone here knows SOMETHING about computers. I’m just offering some feedback for future users.

Note For windows you can use ctrl+left click a link.

I believe my point was essentially, “Rather than wait for the thought controlled hover drones to go to the shop for you, walk to the shop yourself”

I’m sure the feedback is welcome, but I would not rely on in being a priority to implement.

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