Just a comment / observation

Generally they courses are excellent.

However: “$unwind lists unwind in an RA field, creating a new document for every entry where the field value is now each entry” … really ? :slight_smile:

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From the transcript right? Whoever typed out the transcript misunderstood what the tutor said. “RA” should be “array”, however, “$unwind lists unwind in an array field” still isn’t clear but that’s what it sounds like to me.

Feedback for the Curriculum Services Engineer (@Sonali_Mamgain).

Sure, but the manual has much better phrasing -
Deconstructs an array field from the input documents to output a document for each element.
(and I was after a couple of badges for adding an emoji / altering a post)

When I took this course a while back, I didn’t use the transcripts at all. I mainly relied on the documentation and as a result I didn’t notice this typo.

Let’s throw in the documentation for anyone else who comes across this thread:


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