JSON size limit for Atlas import?

I am trying to import a JSON file into an empty collection in my DB. This has been working for all my collection JSON files, however, for this particular one, it keeps throwing an error. I have confirmed it is not a syntax error in the JSON, as by reducing the contents the error line seems to move and it does not error if I reduce it to a certain size.

The file is not large (89Kb) and just under 3000 lines, however, it definitely smells of a size limit restriction. I am only using the sandbox instance at the moment. Is there a limit I am unaware of?

There are definitively limits. See

Thanks, I did read that previously. However, there is nothing there to suggest the file should not be imported.

Argh…sorted it. There was an errant error that did not break JSON lint but did break the import… :expressionless: