JSON keys in doublequotes?

Hi guys :slight_smile:
Thank you for the basics intro course; so far so good :+1:

One thing I realized during watching the lesson 1.7 - “Understanding JSON” (time ~1:45), both the presenter as well as video mention JSON keys have to be in double-quotes.
However, when fiddling around in my instance of the Compass tool, the keys are not encapsuled in double-quotes at all.
Neither in the document view nor in the filter field.
(I’m using mongodb-compass_1.16.3_amd64.deb )

This is not a show-stopper, it is more and FYI.

Vlad. :slight_smile:

Hi Vlad,
the compass tool does not depict the JSON file but rather its values in another graphical representation. See the video at app. 4:35.
Regards, Nicolas