Journey of MongoDB

Heyy all! am Jaskeerat from India and am new here
Wanna start my journey of MongoDb , can anyone guide me a little, like give a path or something , of how should I follow up with concepts


Hello @044_Jaskeerat_Singh, welcome to the MongoDB Community forum.

The little path… At the top of this page there is menu, and Learn is where you can start (I started there too, I mean the learning). MongoDB University has beginner as well as advanced online courses (all free) and MongoDB Basics is good to start with. Then there is Documentation, Articles, Videos, etc., get familiar with those too.


Ty sir @Prasad_Saya for briefing about it
Actually am in process of being a MERN Stack Dev , and that’s to build a full stack application , I need to know about MongoDb , issue is that I want to learn how to connect databases with Frontend and Server , so is that thing taught in these courses ?

A clarification from your side can help me and boost my confidence
Thanks in advance sir


Take a look at the course called as MongoDB for JavaScript Developers - this will be useful if developing NodeJS based web applications. I think, if you dont know anything about MongoDB, then start with the Basics course and then follow it up the one for JavaScript.


Hi @044_Jaskeerat_Singh! Welcome to the forums and congrats on starting your MongoDB journey! You’re off to a great start just by being here :slight_smile:

As @Prasad_Saya already mentioned, MongoDB University is the best place to get started with learning. Best of luck and remember that the community is here to support you along the way!


@Jamie Tysm mam for this warm welcome , I hope am able to learn every day with MongoDb and achieve something really good to be able to contribute to MongoDb back as well .
Thanks @Prasad_Saya and @Jamie once again for your warm friendly replies


Beautiful day! Thanks very much for the outreach really good to acknowledge your beautiful priorities.
Please want to learn more about any direction to accelerate my learning with MongoDB courses, help and support me with direction.

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