It's Trent here from

It’s Trent here from ActivePlace, what will be one day the worlds largest social marketplace in the health, wellness and fitness space. We chose MongoDB for a number of reasons, one of the big ones being scale as we grow and gather more and more data.

Anyway, good to meet you all and when you get a chance checkout us out and let me know if you have any feedback on what we’re building.



Hello @Trent, Welcome to the MongoDB Community forum!

Great to know you are a user of MongoDB. Yes, scaling with MongoDB is one of its better features. I come from a RDBMS/SQL (the other database) background and find MongoDB quite different - it is very flexible and easy to work with (as a developer). Nowadays I am honing my aggregation query skills.

You will find some useful resources here - at the top of the page there is a menu with documentation, blog posts, podcasts, etc., and of course you can always post a question and even post an answer a question. In addition you will find folks from all kinds of software background writing here and sometimes they have strange given badges like “database rebel” (I have one of those too :slight_smile: ). Hope you find all this useful in someway!

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