It takes a long time to save a function draft

Why does it take such a long time to save a function draft?
This happens on the first time I save a draft and it even fails some times.
After the first time the draft on any function is saved immediately.
I have the same complaint about the time it takes to deploy changes.
I have this problem on free instances and also on m10 instances.

Hi Michael,

How long is it taking to save a draft?

Is this only happening with one function or any function change or any other type of change?

Are there any errors in your deployment history ?

Do you have github auto deployment enabled on the app?

It might be best to raise this as a support ticket with us so that we can look into the specifics.


  1. It might take several minutes to save or entirely fail and it happens only on the first save since the last deployment. The strange thing is that if it fails the next attempt to save succeeds immediately.

  2. It is noticeable mainly on functions but might happen on other types like schema changes or triggers.

  3. No errors on deployment history.

  4. I do not use github auto deployment.

  5. I do not have a paid support plan.


As a sample please provide the exact name of the function which experienced this delay.

Along with it, it would be helpful if you can provide the time/date (including timezone) when it happened so we can track down the logs on our side