It is impossible: "Failed the course"

It is impossible! I started the course less than two weeks ago, how could I have failed? I’m early, chapter 3 is still going to start and I’m already finishing it, why did I fail? ABSURD, HELP ME
Due Date was Aug 06, 17:00 UTC


The second chapter ends only on 30/7, I finished it this week, I’m already in the third that only ends on August 6, how can I have failed?

I had to run the final exam today to try to solve the problem, but because of the problem did not score in week 3 on any task. Have a look the due dates…

Hi @hospitaldomicro,

Thanks for flagging this one. I am looking into this and will get back to you.

EDIT: I can see that now you have completed it and got 100% Grade. But thanks for notifying about the issue. I am trying to replicate this.


Hi @Kanika I am getting same problem.

  • Start Date: Jul 23, 17:00 UTC
  • Due Date: Jul 30, 17:00 UTC
    But I am getting message “You have failed the course”.
    Please look into.

Hi @Rajeev_51466,

We are working on it. However, you can still continue with the course. :slight_smile:

Will update once it is fixed.


Hi @Kanika,
I am not able to continue this course. Portal is suggesting for re-take.

Hi @Rajeev_51466,

Please navigate directly to the chapter/Final Exam and you will be able to view the lectures, submit the answers for labs, quizzes and final exams.

The Course Overview page shows Retake the Course instead of Resume. Please ignore this error while we are in process of fixing it.

Let me know, if you have any questions.


thank you for support

Hi @hospitaldomicro, @Rajeev_51466,

Great News!!

The issue with Course Overview Page has now been solved. :clap:

Now you should be able to see Resume button in the course Overview Page, if you haven’t completed the course yet and the grades will be generated after due dates or course completion.

Please let me know, if you have any questions.


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