Issues with last question of final exam

I was wondering why my selection got removed to give me a fail. After selecting an option and clicking on submit (since it’s the last question, there was no “proceed to next” link), I didn’t get the blue notification bar stating that it’s being sent for grading so I went a step up to question 5 so as to head back to question 6 from there (since the submit button on 6 is disabled), but on getting there, the submit button was still disabled and my option was cleared with a FAIL grade. I clicked on “Show Answer” button and saw that my selection was indeed correct but was robbed of it.

Should the submission be allowed without a selection on radio buttons which expects just one selected option? My understanding is that it shouldn’t so clearly that was a bug and I want my score back.

Hi @Hassan_23671,

I think while you were attempting the last final exam question, the course time ended and that is why the Submit button got disabled.

If you select any option and do not press Submit button, your answer is not recorded.

I hope this answers your query.
Good Luck!!