Issues with Geographic Visualization

I have the exact same problem originally reported - I get the plot of locations but the geo map is missing. Compass V1.18.0, all privacy settings (except Provide Feedback) selected. Therefore, can’t get over the Lab assignment. I am not behind any corporate firewall, everything else works fine except the map. I don’t see that this is resolved yet.

Hi @Rahul_41010,

Please use the stable version of Compass, that should work.

You may reach out to us here again if the issue persists.

Curriculum Support Engineer

Hi @Rahul_41010,

If you check schema for ships.shipwrecks, you should see coordinates as follows:

Please try restarting compass and check your internet connection too. If the issue persists, please share the screenshot for the same.

Let me know, if you have any questions.


Thanks, this is now resolved with the latest stable build. Also, I am now using a Windows 10 machine rather than Windows 8.1.

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