Issues with configuring shards

I am trying to configure a shared cluster on Windows , but when I connect to mongos shell and try to add shards , it shows command not available .

Also while connecting to Shell it doesn’t show mongos in shell instead it shows mongodb shell

Hi sagar_81135,

Please check bin directory in Mongo. If mongos is not there download it and update PATH. OR re-check your PATH in envrionment variables.

And if you will use vagrant, mongos is already installed on it.


Hi kanika ,

I checked mongos is already there and path is already added in environment variable .


Then check by:

  • Running mongos using full PATH like /usr/local/bin/mongodb/bin/mongos
  • OR go to the directory and run mongos and see if it is working


Looks good now, tried community edition . Somehow was getting issue on enterprise edition