Issue with Ticket Paging

Passed the test for this ticket but the validation failed with this message: “Paging: Did not receive the proper response when paging by text”. Any suggestions? Thanks.

I am also facing the same issue. All the tests are passing in cmd but getting failed with the above error in UI. Please advice.

I am also facing the same issue. Please help :slight_smile:

In the second line of the file ‘paging.test.js’ I have written jest.setTimeout(30000); and it worked for me (sorry for my bad English :smile:)

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Actually I faced the same and here is my observation. After reloading if I go strait to status then is failed. If I do searches (genre or else) and scroll down and THEN go to status then I get it passed.
I copied the code and all good. However when I reloaded the site again then it was failed again. It might be linked to a timeout as mentioned by Ernest_Aziev.

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Even I had got the same error. Doing what @Ernest_Aziev and @Ricardo_Soares suggested works fine. But you have to be patient as I had to perform searches, scroll, and check status several times to get the correct status code.