Issue with mflix website

whenever I open the Mflix website it shows “Unable to fetch movies”. And when I go to status, The connection will always show me "currently validating " and the others will show errors such as “Projection: The return from the API was incorrect when searching by country”.What should I do about this?

Until you start completing the assignment the status will show validating or failing. If you completed the projection lab and the status shows the return f4om the api was incorrect, then your code has to be fixed.

You have to complete the connection lab first.

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what about the validation code? Where will I get that from? I do need that to complete the lab, right?

  1. you modify the code specified in the lab
  2. you run the unit tests specified in the lab until that all pass
  3. you go in the status page to get the validation code for the specific lab

by modify you mean rename to .ini , right?

For the connection lab, I think this is the only step to do indeed.

Thank you. I think I figured it out

Thank you sir. I was able to get the answer and understand where I made amistake.

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what was the problem? I can’t figure what’s wrong with my project too

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