Issue with M001-Basics chapter 4

I did this exercise where we’re asked to get the “pop” field count for a value < 1000.
I did it correctly yet all my answers were marked wrong. After the last attempt, I checked the code they provide & it was exactly the same thing I used yet the answers differ by 1.
This will lower my score at the end so please rectify the issue related to it!

I am not sure I understand. In the shell, you get an answer of 8064 and in the answer box you enter 8065, and then you say you are marked wrong.

I think one of the exercise modify the data set.

Do not worry about failing one exercise. The exact final mark does not show up on the certificate. You pass or not.

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I used the same code yet the answer is different…

Your data got changed by a previous exercise
That’s what Steve mentioned above
Fix for this is reload your sample data and try again
You will get correct answer

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