Issue setting up Atlas for MongoDB Realm

Attempting to go through the getting started guide to setup Atlas for MongoDB Realm.

We are on step 1) Set Up the MongoDB Collections

and on this step

For Database Name, enter tracker and for Collection Name, enter tasks . We’ll define our own permissions in a bit, so don’t select any permissions template. Click Add Collection to finish setting up the tracker.tasks collection.

Upon clicking Add Collection, all is does is show a vague error

Failed to add rule: error processing request

As you can see from the screenshot, our data matches the guide exactly. What now?

@Jay That’s an odd error - can you open a ticket with support or use intercom to flag this? We need your appId to investigate on the backend so however you want to pass that along would be great.

@Ian_Ward Well, unfortunately no to the support ticket

but am in the queue for in-app chat. Not really sure where to find the app id - I am looking at the page that has the apps listed (there’s also a Create a New App button) but I don’t see an app id.

If I select this app, the next page doesn’t seem to show the app id either. I’ll ask in chat.

@Jay So we were able to reproduce your issue and we have a fix but the workaround should be to just wait a few minutes after linking your Atlas cluster and Realm app - then you should be able to create rules. This is a network issue that takes a few minutes to resolve.


I am still in chat. I don’t want to be attacking this from multiple points so let me know how to proceed.

We successfully linked the Atlas Cluser to Realm earlier today - that wasn’t the issue. It was when we went to add collections where the error occurred.

Should we unlink the cluster and re-link or as the chat agent said to refresh the web page. Or both?

I refreshed the page and got the same error

@Jay Yes - I am also speaking with the chat agent :smiley:

Please unlink the Atlas cluster, wait a few minutes, and then relink it - that should get the network back up and connected


I unlinked the Atlas cluster and it’s been close to an hour. I re-linked it and the error has changed to what’s shown below. I thought an hour would be ‘a few minutes’. Perhaps not - it is more like 24 hours or longer?

@Jay Can you email me your dashboard URL please?

For those following along. The issue has been identified and a fix is in the works.

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