Issue in Lab 2.6

Hi Team,

There is a serious issue with Lab 2.6.
In this assignment, I selected the correct answer still it shows that your answer is incorrect and put my Grade to Fail,
Can you please have a look into this issue.

Please refer the attached Image for better understanding.

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That’s not a correct answer. Try to answer exactly/only what question has asked for.

But it is showing me that it is already solved , and grade is also given by MongoDb University , Now what is the use of reviewing the Lecture againg.

I have checked by clicking on see the correct ans and it shows $Set is the correct answer that so you are wrong here. Please have a look at once in Lab 2.6 and you will find my query valid

Your screenshoot shows clearly that you selected multiple options -three to be precise. The answer however is just one of the option hence it was flagged as a wrong answer

Hey Man ,

First I was selected the $SET then rest of the other 2 option in the next remaining 2 attempts and then at the end i checked i found that My ans was true still they show that it is false.

I had the same problem. Now the answer is incorrect. Any solutions yet?

you can email to Mongodb University regarding this issue , They will help you out.