Issue in Change default path lab

Hi ,
I have been getting below error while doing the lab
“Change Default Lab in M103”.
commmands i have been running below:
mkdir -p /var/mongodb/db
mongod.conf file :storage:
dbPath: /var/mongodb/db/
bindIp: localhost
port: 27000
authorization: “enabled”
command runnng in terminal to execute:
mongod -f mongod.conf

I am into /root/workspace directory.
Below is the error i am getting while run tests.
Can someone help here.
1 total, 0 passed, 0 skipped:
[FAIL] “Mongod was started with the new dbpath”

Did you launch mongod with the dbpath /var/mongodb/db?

May be the validation is picky and really wants /var/mongodb/db rather than /var/mongodb/db/, the last slash being the culprit.

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Hi @BrajKishore_Sharma,

Did you start your mongod instance ?

What command did you use ?

You can check the currently running mognod instances by running this command :

ps -ef | grep mongod

~ Shubham

Hi @Ezra_16731,

I really appreciate you taking the time and trying to help out a fellow learner but I’ve to delete your post because it contains answer to the lab.

We do not encourage our learners to share answers in the forum because it may affect the learning experience of other students.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

~ Shubham

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You should read the instructions about localhost. The localhost must be a number just search and after you implement the config instructions proceed to the next instruction that makes a create a database user as an admin for database

Hi @Vince_S_Tanan,

I believe here that the user was able to solve his issue, as its little older posts. So, it doesn’t make sense to respond here.

Meanwhile, If you have any doubt or questions feel free to create new post under the respective sub category.


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