ISet<> PropertyChanged no longer raised for membership changes

I have Realm objects with members that are sets (c# ISet<>, schema type "array" with "uniqueItems": "true"). When an element is added to or removed from the set, I used to get PropertyChanged events. Now (dot-net driver v10.21.1) I don’t.

Is this change intentional? Do I now have to register for CollectionChanged as well as PropertyChanged?

Update: Hmm, no, maybe this is a bug after all? Because I also have some IList<> members (without the "uniqueItems" constraint) that no longer get PropertyChanged events either, and they don’t seem to support CollectionChanged…?

Ok, maybe they do support CollectionChanged - casting with as INotifyCollectionChanged seems to work, even though the types are not actually labelled as supporting the interface!

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