Is Web Sync on the roadmap?

Sorry if this is already answered somewhere, but I can’t find anything. All I see is “Web Sync is not supported.” I know MongoDB Realm is still relatively new but I’m worried about the lack of this feature. Is it planned?

Relatedly—Stitch used to have a board, does Realm have a public roadmap? Edit: found it:

Followup question: what options does the Web SDK have for being notified that there are remote changes? watch()? I guess GraphQL Subscriptions are also not available?

I think my best answer is to direct your attention to this topic written by @Ian_Ward (Product Manager on Realm SDKs): The Evolution of Realm-Web with Sync? - please voice your support, wishes and use-case to let us know why and how this would be of interest to you.

Right … to my knowledge, we don’t support GraphQL subscriptions and Realm Web does support watching documents.

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