Is typescript a mandatory requirement to develop React native app using realm sync.

Dear Community members.

I have a web app in MERN stack developed using MongoDB atlas however, due to poor internet availability I want to develop a mobile version where I can use Realm to handle day to day operations. Upon my review on documentation I have seen that there is a to-do app example here at MongoDB platform as well as different users using same app with small variations. Just checking if Typescript is must for this or I can develop the react native app in javascript as well. As currently I have the app and its working fine as I’m using the JWT method for authentication to both my backend as well as realm and I’m successfully connected to my existing backend (which has mongoDB atlas) while using same JWT token I can also connect to Realm but the app stucks at login screen. so just checking if it is javascript.

Your support is appreciated.



JavaScript works with React Native and apps built with the Atlas Device SDK (formerly Realm) for React Native. The documentation and template app use TypeScript because that’s the direction most React Native developers go. For example, React Native’s own templates apps are written in TypeScript.

The Node.js and React Native SDKs use the same API: Realm JavaScript - v12.9.0. You could refer to the Node.js SDK docs for JavaScript-only examples.

However, the React Native SDK docs also use the @realm/react library, so code examples and concepts aren’t always the same between the two.