Is this a Mongoose model?

I’m a beginner with MongoDB and Mongoose.

I’m working with a node.js & expressjs web app, and i found a ‘models’ folder which contains the following files: ‘device.model.js’ and ‘index.js’.

I’m just wondering if this is standard for mongoose? Because I don’t know how to interpret the folder name and the file extension. (.model.js).

Inside device.model.js you have the follwing code:

export default class Device {
  static db = null

  constructor (data = {}) {
    const { id = mUUID.v4().toString(), name, createdAt, updatedAt } = data = id = name
    this.createdAt = createdAt
    this.updatedAt = updatedAt

And then a bunch of functions.

I also don’t understand the constructor code, especially the parameter (what is it, an empty js object?) and this line of code:

const { id = mUUID.v4().toString(), name, createdAt, updatedAt } = data

If all of this isn’t Mongoose, then what are they working with?

Thank you.

This is standard JavaScript.

data = {} // default parameter is empty object if nothing is passed
const { id = …, name, createdAt, … } = data // object destructuring assignment

It is outside the scope of this forum as it has nothing to do with MongoDB except from the fact that MongoDB has a JavaScript driver. You may read about JavaScript from the link I posted. You may also ask specific question about JS at stackoverflow.

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Thank you! Now I can understand the code.

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