Is this a good use case for MongoDB or should I use other approach

We are receiving information of the behaviour of some motors every time the motor actually moves (it is actually a motor from a lift).

The thing is that we have 1 CSV file per motor moverment. Every file contains timestamp and some data form the motor and we would like to store them in order to be able to draw them in a Dashboard. For example selecte a range for a few days.

Do you think to use MongoDB is a good tool in order to store this data. The idea is to load the data and be able to retrive some of the movements in a fast way, we will load the CSV every day.

The amont of CSV files is around 200.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Licantropo and welcome in the MongoDB Community :muscle: !

Sounds like you could use MongoDB Charts to build the dashboard and the new Timeseries feature of MongoDB 5.0 to store your data.
I wouldn’t use directly mongoimport to import the CSV files as there are potentially some reformatting / cleaning that you would like to do before sending the data into MongoDB (for example transform the dates into ISODates, a string into an integer, or rename a field).

I’m doing something similar for the COVID-19 Open Data project. You can find the related blog post here and the Github repo here.