Is there an explorer-like access to VM

I acutally started chapter2, but my problems are rather related to the set-up: I find it quite difficult to do all the commands from command-line. Interacting with the editor ‘vi’: I looked up in internet for how to save and exit, and do other things, but its just not working (maybe due to not-english keybord). Is there a way to connect to the virtual-box via a kind of explorer, so that I can prepare files locally and pass them to the virtual-box.


I’ve not tried it myself but you could try what’s mentioned here:

However, this involves making changes to the vagrantfile which isn’t advisable.

For this course, there are handful of commands that you’ll need:
vi - text editor (including the commands to save, quit & save, quit without save)
mkdir - make a directory
rm - remove files (you may need some options like -r)
cat - preview the contents of a file
cd - change to a directory
ls - list files within a directory
cp - copy files
sudo - run the command with elevated privileges (i.e. the superuser)
… and there might be one or two more. All the other commands are related to the mongo shell, mongod process or mongos which you absolutely need unless you have the paid products which are Cloud Manager and Ops Manager.

You can actually already do this. Prepare the config files on your host/local machine, drop them into the shared sub folder where the vagrantfile is located. That file will then be available in the VM under the /shared/ directory. Try it out and run the following command to see the file.
ls /shared/

It would’ve been helpful if all these commands were listed out in Chapter 0.

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Hi @Tilman_66516,

Please use any local editor available on your machine, like Sublime/Notepad++, etc. to create and modify your config files.
Place these files inside the shared folder in vagrant and this way you won’t have to use linux commands or vi editor to access your config files.

Also, if anyone wishes to learn the basic vi/linux commands that are really required here, below are some useful links for the same:

Kindly get back if you have any more queries.