Is there an ADO.Net connector allowing to read a Realm database?

As in the title, do you know if there is an ADO .Net connector allowing to read a Realm database?

The goal is to replace SQLite (currently used) with a Realm database (without synchronizing with a MongoDB server). For reading and writing the Realm SDK would be perfect.
On the other hand, another application would need to connect to the Realm database (file) via an ADO .Net connector .

By this I mean that with Ado .Net, each data provider (SQL, SqLite, ODBC, ORACLE,…) has its own classes prefixed by his name ( SqliteConnectionStringBuilder , SqliteConnection, … Odbc for odbc, Oracle for Oracle …) I would like to find an equivalent for Realm , in order to be able to communicate with Ado.Net towards a Realm database.

Do you know if one exist?

Thank you so much already, I hope my question is not to blurry :hot_face:

Oh… I forgot to say hi :innocent: !!

Hey, unfortunately, we don’t have an ADO.NET client. We do have a .NET SDK that allows you to interface with the database, but it doesn’t provide integration with ADO.NET.

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Thank you so much for your response ! I m going to study this and will close subject soon if no update :pray: :blush:

Unfortunately I can’t settle for .Net SDK.
I absolutely have to go through Ado .Net.

I will therefore study other databases.

Thanks alot!

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