Is there a workaround for Virtualbox?


I’m currently running a Linux distribution (Solus) that doesn’t seem to play well with the various requirements of this course. Namely Virtualbox, which I can’t even start on my machine (due to a lack of experience as I am quite new to Linux).

The reason I cannot use something more popular like Ubuntu is because of my graphics card which isn’t supported on that platform.

So… is Virtualbox necessary and is there something else I can do to continue to follow along with the instructor?

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It is recommended to use Vagrant/Virtual box
Some students used local installations

Please check this link

Set up vagrant VM with KVM/qemu without VirtualBox

Hi @Riza_Hasan_Khan_22855,

I hope you found the link shared by @Ramachandra_37567 helpful.

In addition to this some of our users have also created a replica of m103-vagrant environment using Docker. Here is the link.

Hope it helps!

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer