Is the Study Guide up-to-date?

It seems like there are many topics in the study guide that aren’t covered in the DBA courses and vise versa. The security course, for example, has heavy emphasis on LDAP, Kerbeross, X509, etc, but is not even mentioned in the security section of the study guide. The Study Guide has a whole section on data modeling, which wasn’t covered in the courses.

Hi @SM37471,

Apologies for the trouble you are facing. But we are already in a process of updating the study guide.

Please let us know if you need any material for any of the topics for preparation for Certification Exam. We will make sure you have everything on-hand.

Please keep sharing the feedback. I will make sure that Security topic is up to date.

Also, the course for Data Modeling is also in-progress.


Thank you for the response.

I’m still not clear on the exam objectives – does the DBA exam cover the course work or the Study Guide and DBA Practice Exam ? The DBA practice exam has these topics:







Application Admin

Server Admin

But not Data Modeling, Server Tools, Storage Engines like the Study Guide nor Security like the course work.

Hi Kanika,

I have completed the following 5 courses : M001, M103, M121, M201, and M220JS.

As a next step, please help me with the material that will be required for the Developer Associate certification.

Thank you!

Hi @PuneetC,

Well done! I think you can start going through the Study Guide here.

And then you can test your knowledge using the free Practice Exam.

Good luck!


Was scanning through the study guide link that you shared. Before I get started, wanted to clarify a few things?

  1. How come the Study Guide is same for Developer and DBA exams?
  2. Is there any pre-defined weightage for different topics that are tested in the exam?
  3. Just as how you have a 65% cut-off for the passing the various courses and getting a course completion certificate, what is the cut-off score for clearing the certification?

The base for both the exams are same but there are few different topics which are specific to each exam:

Like these two topics are relevant for Developer exam only:

  • Data Modeling
  • Aggregation

And Application and Server Administration is for DBA exam only.

I will update you on this after confirming with the team.


Kanika, do you have any update on these please?

Also, on clearing the certification, does the certificate mention the % scored?

Hi @PuneetC,

We do not publish the total score or percentage pass threshold. We can share with you that the minimum passing score is 490. Please note, each question is rated equally. We do not give out partial credit for check all that apply exam questions.

As for exam results, we provide you with a report on your score in each subject such that you can identify the subjects in which your knowledge is weakest and review those areas of the certification study guide.

  • Niyati

Passing score 490 is out of 600 (provided there are 60 questions)?