Is SYNC in MongoDB Realm Ready for Production

Over past 3 years, I have been using Realm as our local datastore in an app. We have currently implemented our sync based on Firestore but it is definitely NOT elegant as now there are 2 data sources to meddle with.

I was very excited seeing the Twitch session and other videos in youtube. Especially the session by CBT Nuggets almost covered every usecase I need.

So I immediately signed up & created a working prototype within a day.

The main app (that has been in works for 3 years now) is just 45 days away from launch. We are in need of just the Bidirectional Sync Solution & authentication but are ready take a plunge if MongoDB Realm is stable. But it is currently in BETA only.

Could you guide us? Is MongoDB Realm ready for Production use? Are 7/11 and CBT Nuggets already using it in production?

Hi Ram – Thanks for reaching out! While Sync is relatively newly released and still in Beta we are working towards a GA release. For Sync, our GA release will mostly focus on ensuring scalability of Sync and making sure that we can guarantee Atlas’s Uptime SLA. Since every case is different, we recommend trying out Sync, load testing, and reaching out to the team if you run into any issues. We’re working to support customers in production even while we’re in Beta, but as every case/set of requirements is different is probably best to discuss your specific production requirements. If you’d like, you can shoot me a note at .


Thanks so much for your response. Definitely I have started working with you sales team to take this forward.

I will definitely keep in touch with you on our progress


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