Is Mongoose necessary for building apps?

Hi MongoDB friends,

I am thrilled to be learning MongoDB and excited about using it to its fullest! I had taken a Udemy course from Stephen Grider on MongoDB and in it he uses the Mongoose helper library quite a lot. In my company, others have used Deployd as an API to MongoDB. I am curious to know if those libraries are necessary to take full advantage of MongoDB or not?

When I started my career as a JavaScript developer 12 years ago, I leaned heavily on jQuery and it served its purpose but it was a bit of a struggle to convert everything over to vanilla JS afterward and made me wish I hadn’t depended on jQuery in the first place. I don’t want to find myself in a similar predicament using a library in front of MongoDB if it is not recommended or necessary, I would just prefer to learn how to do things the native way inside of MongoDB.

What advice can you impart here?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Jim_69336,

Mongoose and Deployd two different ways to use MongoDB but not necessarily the way to use and create applications in the Javascript space.

For example, we are currently rebuilding our M101JS course, which teaches you how to build applications using the native NodeJS driver.

I don’t think you lose anything on learning how Mongoose works, but I would recommend learning how to use MongoDB using the official native driver first.

As the technology stack evolves and new services and methodologies appear, it’s a generally a safe bet to understand the baseline libraries that support them. In the case of MongoDB in the JS space, using the official driver would be the way to start.

Keep an eye on our course catalog for a new course around JS soon.



Thank you Norberto, I appreciate your perspective on this. It is exactly what I was hoping to hear!