Is MongoDB in OpenShift recommended?

Dear all =)

There are very few guides about running MongoDB in OpenShift. Is that because it is not recommended?

Sandra =)

May be, just may be there is only a few guides because OpenShift is based (afaik) on k8s/docker. So there is nothing special about it.

Hi @Sandra_Schlichting ,

As @steevej mentioned, OpenShift is an enterprise Kubernetes platform so there aren’t really OpenShift-specific configuration details for MongoDB. Red Hat is a MongoDB partner, so there are supported deployment solutions.

For more information, see:

The docs above refer to the MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator. There is also a MongoDB Community Kubernetes Operator which may be relevant depending on your use case.

A few more helpful ops resources (not specific to OpenShift):

If you’re looking for information that does not appear to be covered in these resources, please let us know.



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