Is Mongo for me?

Hi - I’m swimming in an info overload situation.

I am the CEO of a tiny startup which isn’t cash flow positive right now.

I use a Mac, Xero, Squarespace, Stripe and PayPal - and an Excel spreadsheet. When I get an order via Squarespace I manually enter all details into my spreadsheet, and add progress info about their order and a bunch of other fields. When I enter something new, I create a new version and send to my colleague in another country for his info. I can see this becoming unwieldy very soon.

I’m trying to find a database solution that will be suitable for my needs. I’ve stumbled across Mongo. Am I on the right track here? I can’t afford to be paying a large sum each month at this stage - and am tentative to back any solution without knowing if it’s going to work for me. I have some skills but the more user friendly, the better.

Any advice most gratefully received.

from the use-case perspective, that seems more to a high-level data-entry, data management. I would say using MongoDB could work, just probably not that effective from a non-technical perspective. it’s more for a system and programming integration.

Nonetheless, I think no harm to give it a try, hack the use-case by signing up for an M0 tier on Atlas, attempting to use it like a real-time sync Excel Spreadsheet, and doing some note-keeping.

the other alternative to that, for 'manual data entry, I’d say maybe is Airtable Airtable Product - Build a Better Way to Work | Airtable, (sounds conflict of interest here),
Despite that, if you’re scaling up your business, and intend to build complete system solutions, MongoDB can be a wonderful database to handle that transaction.