Is mflix still valid

I have started the course and pulled mflix.
I had some conflicts with npm install, but got past these by using yarn install.
mogodb package = 3.7.3 … (package = ^3.1.6
my password needs encoding … which I have encoded
However, I always get the Invalid connection string
I have tried removing some of the options and looking on line to see if there are some options. If I upgrade to 4.7.0 then I get a different error related to callback
My ask is … is it worth progressing with this course and Javascript and the current version of Mongo Atlas or would I continue to hit problems …
I can pull some code examples but thought it would be be interesting to take M220JS

I started this course but I can’t access deployed server on localhost. It may be outdated.

although the code base is a bit old while installing the required packages, it is still valid and working when you passed that initial install step.

I don’t know how yarn works, so I will suggest the npm’s way to clean install: backup your current folder for possible progress you have made, clean extract the zip file, delete (or rename) package-lock.json, and install with npm install --legacy-peer-deps.

this should install everything fine. then follow the course content for setup and more, starting with the creation of .env file. (also local or remote MongoDB server)

@Usman_Shahid for localhost, you need to type, not localhost. do not forget you need to import sample mflix data into your database to work in local.

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Hi @Glen_Worrall, welcome to the community. :wave:
As @Yilmaz_Durmaz right mentioned:

Also, take a look at this post by @Vishal_Alkari where they have explained the installation process in a very clear and concise manner:

If you have any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us.

Thanks and Regards.
Sourabh Bagrecha,

I have just remembered you will hit one little issue in later chapters about wtimeout.

The issue is from a change in the driver to communicate the server, but the course validation script did not catch the update as one may still use an older server on local for the course.

Don’t worry though, you will find how to fix it here in the forums.

Thanks yes that has it working. I also had to encode my password, but I have an app on 5000 now

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