Is Lab 2.6 no longer available?

I see that it is marked as a fail. Are there exceptions? My mother went in for emergency surgery on Sunday. I’ve been a bit behind with trips to the hospital, etc. Can it be unlocked or do I have to start over?

Hey @Deborah_73953

I’m not an admin so I cannot comment on if the lab can be unlocked for exceptions. However from the video of Chapter 1, on grading, labs make up 50% of your final mark; with the final exam accounting for the other 50%; and a passing grade of 65%. Therefore, missing one lab may not be that big of an impact to your successful completion. I know from my own experience that I have failed a couple of labs :disappointed:; but still completed the courses successfully! :smile:

Keep going on the course, and best of luck to you!

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Hi @Deborah_73953,

Once the lab submission deadline has passed, you cannot make submissions for those labs. As I can see you have successfully completed the course. However if you are interested in retaking the course then you can register here for the next offering of M001.

One good news for you is that, now we at MongoDB University has unlock-able lessons. If you successfully complete your lab assignments before the deadline then you can unlock the next chapters and take the course at your own pace.

Feel free to get back to us if you have any query.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

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