Is it worth to continue?

Hi there - I do not know where or who to ask. Is it worth to continue taking this class if you missed entire first chapter worth of assignments? Of course the information is interesting but I do want it to count and be able to pass the class - I have very limited free time. If that is not possible - do I just unregister and try the whole class another time? Does anybody know the answer to this?

Hi Rada_06240,

If the grade does not matter that much, you can still access the videos and continue with the course with next chapters. Your grade will be counting your next chapters grade till it is under deadlines.

But still, if you want to start over, you can register again for the same course again.


Thank you Kanika! The grade itself doesn’t matter that much as I know I am learning and did the work. But I would want to count taking this class for CPEs and if I have no chance of passing it now and having it count - I would rather re-register for later.