Is it possible to sync Realm to Atlas and local mongodb server?

Something a hybrid deployment, the on-premise mongodb server can sync to atlas, while the mobile apps can access the data by realm and also the realm will sync to atlas.

Is that possible? Can you point me out to the documentation

This is not currently possible though it is something we have thought about doing before. Can you explain a bit more about your use case and why this is necessary? Collecting this information on potential use-cases can help us better prioritize projects like this in the future.

My use case about health care system, connecting Outpatient Dept., Inpatient Dept. and the patient itself. The problem in country is that internet connectivity is, let say not that quite good. So the model is we have an app for the patient, and app for the doctor to view or can just do minor edit if they are not on-premise using Realm. Then if they are on-premise the transaction will be applied to a local MongoDB server, then were thinking using atlas to be the bridge between realm and the local MongodDB server, and possibly making MongoDB Atlas a main database.