Is it possible to host our personal database?

Hi all! I’m new here, I’ve been programming for a year and a half and I’m now learning to use node.js and mongoDb with The Net Ninja. (he is really an amazing teacher!!)

My question is very simple, but I couldn’t find the answer.

I understand I can install mongoDB on my computer and that I can also use it on a cloud service like mongodb atlas. But is it possible to use it on my server? If I rent aserver to host my express app, can I create a database on it without any third party service?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Eric_Podhorecki ,

Yes, it’s always been possible to install MongoDB, either in the Community or Enterprise editions, on your own server, and most major cloud providers also have it in their offers.

You’ve filed the question under MongoDB Realm, however, so I assume you meant to have the Realm functionality on your own server: in that case, the answer is no, Realm is only available on Atlas at the moment.

Thanks for your answer!
I’m new to mongodb and I don’t really know what Realm is. I didn’t realise it was something different.

Do you know of any courses/tutorials on how to install it on my server? I can’t seam to find one.

Thanks again!!

Hi @Eric_Podhorecki,

For tutorials on installing MongoDB in your own environment please refer to Install MongoDB and choose the relevant operating system instructions. It is also important to review the MongoDB Security Checklist to ensure your deployment is properly secured.

For more in-depth learning there are free online courses at MongoDB University.

Some courses that might be of interest:

You can host a MongoDB deployment with your application server as long as there are sufficient resources (RAM, CPU, and I/O) for the services to co-exist, but this is generally not recommendable outside of development and testing environments. I would consider using a managed database service so your application and database resources are managed separately and you can focus on development rather than database admin. The lower cost (or free) shared tiers in managed services like MongoDB Atlas are generally great for getting started unless you have a large data set or more demanding performance requirements which would need dedicated resources.


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