Is it possible to Custom Resolver extend/use existing schema for payload type?

As per the GraphQL schema generation, I have some existing schemas that I was wondering if it would be possible to embed as part of the Payload Type for a Custom Resolver. The use case is that I’m looking to do paging, and would like to also include some metadata like the totalcount.

I have used the Existing Type [List], which is really nice as in the GraphQL API it allows you to specify the fields you require. Lets just say the Existing Type [List] is a collection of Fruit.

If someone could help with this that would be amazing, this is one approach I had but not sure of the implementation details.

  "type": "object",
  "title": "FruitsTableTestOutput",
  "properties": {
    "totalCount": {
      "bsonType": "int"
    "data": {
      "bsonType": // I want this to be the existing type of Fruits, can I also specifiy the required fields in say the GraphQL Explore interface.