Is it possible to connect 2 devices to same Realm (Android and Linux)

We are building a device that is built from a Linux mini computer and an Android tablet.
The Linux app is written in Python (but we are flexible) and the Android app is written in Flutter.
The 2 devices are connected over direct Ethernet, and will have partial network connection (can be offline for hours).
We thought that the devices will use 1 Realm instance, as all their data is shared. The Realm (main) will be located at the Linux computer, and we want that the Flutter app will use the Realm files as an external file.
Is it possible?
We are trying to use flexible sync as shown in the realm-dart-samples/main.dart at master · realm/realm-dart-samples · GitHub example, and to use an external Directory.
The external Directory will be defined as a http / https URI using dart:core Uri.https, while the a simple server will run on the Linux computer and serve, using API, the realm file. Something like this:

final externalRealmDirectory = Uri.http('<URL to Linux Endpoin>', windows: false);
var flxConfig = Configuration.flexibleSync(user, [Item.schema], path: "$externalRealmDirectory/$realmFilename");

Will it even work? Is there a way to do it?