Is Atlas App Services a suitable Express Replacement

I’m currently planning an API app - initially in node / express with Mongo for occasion reminders for our website. I’m wondering if Atlas App Services might be a suitable alternative:

It’s a very simple CRUD app, that has fields for customer id / occasion date / occasion type / recipient name etc.

The only other part is a daily scheduled function which searches all occasion dates and if they match (occasion date - 10 days), they will return to be posted as json to another external saas API to trigger email reminders.

Does this sound like a suitable use of App Services, and is there any considerations we should have at this point?



Hi @Michael_Chalmers, welcome to the community!

I have a REST API server running on an AWS EC2 machine, and as a way to learn while I build the new version of this server, I decided to try to change the server’s back end from AWS EC2 to Atlas App Services. The first two or three days of development are a little annoying because you need to get used to the platform, and some features could be more user-friendly, but you can handle it with time. The main point that made me give up using Atlas App Services was the MongoDB driver of the App Services functions. The functions are written in JavaScript, but the driver is not the same as the one for Node.JS, so you can’t test or emulate your application locally, you always have to push it to the cloud and test it there, which is cumbersome.

If they changed the driver to be the same as Node.JS, it would be amazing, and I would definitely implement a version of my application using Atlas App Services as a back end.


Thanks @Artur_57972 - that’s about what I thought and I appreciate you sharing your experience.

I think the lack of examples and discussions in the area has put me off and, for now, I will be sticking with an Express app, which I’m a lot more familiar with and can quickly adapt to my needs.