Is 60% good score

I completed the M001 course with 60% score but the instaructor said 65% is minimum to get certification
so will I get certificate

No. I am sorry :frowning:


Um, I am confused now. I got 54% homework score, 0% exam and 27% overall…Does that mean I failed? All I did was M001 course.
Perhaps choosing “See detailed answer” took away my points? Even if I clicked on it after answering?

Your final score will be average of homework+final exam
Since your exam score is 0% your avg score (54+0)/2 is 27%
Did you answer all final exam questions?
Checking detailed answers will not take your marks.Those are quizzes
Please check overview page.It will show details
You should get min 65% to complete the course successfully

I guess, that I should not worry about it until I finish all 3 chapters + final exam.
This course seem to be available for a while already, but I got free access to it recently and not all chapters are unlocked, so maybe that’s why it’s confusing :slight_smile:

@Mariusz_63682, correct. As you complete items in the course, you’ll accumulate points. Until you’ve completed all chapters and the final exam, there’s not much reason to worry about your current grade. As long as it keeps going up as you do things, you’re on the right track.