iPhone app crashes

As said in the title, the iPhone app for mongodb university keeps crashing. When tapped, it opens briefly, < than a second, to then return to the desktop or whatever it is called in an iPhone.

What can i di to fix this?

That’ll be the “home screen”.

Has the app worked for you before? Is this your first installation and has it failed from the start?

Yep, that’s the term home screen. I installed last year, on ca. Nov 2017, and it worked very well. Now I used again, and it is failing. Thanks again for your help.

Well, the knee-jerk reaction would be to uninstall and reinstall. You could try that. This would clear out any caches that the app hangs on to and it could (but is not guaranteed) to also remove any settings you made at the time which may conflict with the current situation.

If after reinstalling the app it still keeps crashing, then I’d raise a support case with Mongo outside of these forums.

I can confirm it keeps crashing after uninstalling it and then re-installing it clean. I’m on iOS 12.1

It keeps crashing after reinstall. iOS 12.1.

It could be down to the fact that you’re running iOS 12. That wasn’t out half a year ago…

As I said, I’d suggest contacting MongoU tech support instead of going through the forums. Good luck!