IP Access List for Data API End Points


I have a question that can MongoDB Atlas Data API endpoints can be configured to limit to certain IP addresses (i.e. IP Access List) in Preview release? If not, is it something you guys plan to implement before prod release?


Hey Shoaib - thanks for calling this out. This is something we intend to provide for GA, but isn’t publicly available for preview release. If you have a support subscription with MongoDB, we can look into how we can configure this internally for you.


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Thanks Sumedha for clarifying.

Any timelines for the GA release?

We’re targetting sometime between Q2/Q3 (mid-year) of 2022

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hi @Sumedha_Mehta1 , would like to know if this feature made it to GA? I couldn’t find anything in official docs on ip restriction. Thanks in advance.


It’s in App Services tab, click on your Data API then go to app settings then you’ll see IP Access List.

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Found it. Thanks for the help!

@Ivan_Chong1 anytime my friend.