iOS app doesn't work?

In the intro it is mentioned that we can use the MongoDB app to download videos and watch them offline but the app crashes as soon as I try to login, on both my iPhone and iPad…

Any idea how to fix that?

I suggest you file a support case with the actual tech support people. You’re the second person I’ve heard in two weeks who’s having issues with the iOS app.

The “app support” link in the App store redirects to the main page of mongoDB website.
MongoDB technical support is apparently only available to corporate clients.
I used the form on the “contact us” page last week but didn’t receive an answer. I have just tried again. Crossing fingers!

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FYI if someone gets in there, there was a bug with the app.
A new version has been published last week on the App Store that solves the login crash issue, so please make sure you update the app and use the latest version.