iOS app and iPhone X

I just wanted to mention that the iOS University app is seriously broken on the latest generation of iPhones…

On my iPhone XS:

  1. In horizontal format, videos run in full screen with top and bottom cropped. It is impossible to follow what’s on screen as a good 20% is not visible.
  2. If I tilt from horizontal to vertical and back (just moving the phone around) the video moves randomly on the screen, most of the time to a place where it is at best half off screen
  3. The buttons meant to help switch from full screen to windowed (squares with arrows in the corners) don’t work at all… Sometimes the video just vanishes…

Basically the only way to watch videos is to hold the phone vertically at the moment you start playing it and make sure you never tilt the phone. Of course the video will be super tiny but that is the only way you can have it 100% visible.


Same Issue i am facing in Iphone7 also

I also found out that the content of the QUIZ isn’t being displayed.
For instance,

Chapter 1: Introduction

Documents: Scalar Value Types

I was unable to see the image of
Based on the field depicted below, which of the following are true?

Using the MongoDB on iOS.
So it would be helpful if we could see all the contents on the app too!