Invalid type: type [string,null] is not supported

I’m having an issue where if I create a valid JSON schema in app services, the Realm Object Models section of Realm SDKS in the dashboard throws an error, saying that there is not a valid schema.

For example, I have a name field that can either be of type string, or null.

name: "Club night"
name: null

To create a valid JSON schema I need to set the type as:

"name": {
      "bsonType": [

This works well in the JSON schema part but in Realm SDK’s under Realm Object Models I get the error that that field type is not supported. To be exact, it says “property “name” has invalid type: type [string,null] is not supported”.

I’m trying to setup Device Sync and I’m under the assumption I need to set this up correctly but I’m at a dead end. How can I resolve the error so the name field can either be a string, or null?