Invalid session: error finding user for endpoint

I’m trying to post to a Mongo Atlas database using a short life JSON token. It’s been working fine for months for different users but this week (10/7/23) it’s failing - I’ve set up new projects, new devices, new account - same problem:-
Mongo is throwing an

InvalidSession Error - invalid session: error finding user for endpoint.

Under my Data API - advanced settings - I’ve enabled User Settings - Create User Upon Authentication.
Under Authentication I’ve enabled Custom JWT Authentication - Provider enabled, RS256 and uploaded my public key. Saving changes. I’ve tried disabling and re-enabling “Create User Upon Authentication”
I’ve verified the JWT with and looks correct.
Under App Users → Users list is empty - as the error says.
Anyone have any ideas why Mongo is not creating a new user as requested?

Turns out it was our library code. We had a max token lengh that as too short. No ones owned up to making a change our side so not sure if it was our code that grew a longer token or a Mongo change. Working now.

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