Invalid Schema with Inverse Relationship on One-To-Many Side

Hello, I am referencing this article:

The example in the article puts the backlink on the Many-to-One side of the relationship. I.e. you define per User which Tasks belong to it, and then each Task has a backlinked User. Being new to the NoSQL paradigm, I am used to the opposite. I would take each Task and assign it a User. There would then be a backlinked list (or better, set) of Tasks on each User.

Is this possible, or am I thinking about this the wrong way? If it’s possible, what is the proper syntax to define the schema? Here’s a snippet of what I’ve tried (within the inverse relationship part within the User schema):

assignee: {
    type: "linkingObjects",
    objectType: "Task<>",
    property: "user"

and a snippet of the Task schema:

user: "User"

I get a schema validation error: “- Property ‘User.assignee’ of type ‘linking objects’ has unknown object type ‘Task<>’”