Introductions for people doing M201

Hi All,

Just getting fired up with M201 having completed M101N a few weeks ago. Haven’t used Mongo for anything Enterprise level yet but been busy away creating a few fun/experiemental applications.

Looking forward to talking to a few of you over the next few weeks!


Hi All,

I’m learning mongodb by doing every course on Mongodb University. This is my 6th course and so far I’m really enjoying it. I must thank Mongo University for providing such a great learning platform.

What sequence did you do the courses in, and if you were to do them again, would you change anything around?


pretty much in order, 001, 040, 103, 101P, 121, 201 and now 220P and 310.

Only 040, even it is basic it should be done after 121 or 201 because it assumes you already know the technology in 3.x versions.

Yes, I was going to skip the 040 until later. I was going to do the M036 from the On Demand section before that.

I see that you did the 101P, does the 220P replace that, or is it a 101P and 220P.

Also since you have done the performance course and that has a pre requiste of M220P, how key is the use of Python in the course? Considering the labs, would javascript be ok?

220p replaces 101p although 101p was 6 weeks and 220p only 3 (edit: actually is more but I think you have double time to each lesson). Both courses have m001 as requirement but the course covers much of all the other courses, you’ll see aggregations, searches, performance, etc so I think 220P better describes how much knowledge or experience do you need. It’s better if you have heard about those subjects before.

In the courses you’ll review Mongodb subjects as the mentioned before and the use of a language’s driver, in m101p or m220p pymongo. But the amount of code you have to write for every exercise if at most 5 lines I think. So, imho, you have to be confortable with the language choose in order to focus in mongo and not in the environment deployment or understanding the code.
Choose whatever language you feel most confortable with. I’m not a python developer and my found 101p perfectly doable.

Sorry, I meant how key was a knowledge of python in the M201 : MongoDB Performance course?

Basic understanding and usage is advised, However you will learn alot as you progress, so not knowing python is not overly detrimental.

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The performance course is pure Mongo, as long as you can understand the basics of Javascript and the Mongo Shell you’ll be fine.

I did the .Net course prior to this one but I could of done it the other way round and still be fine