Introduction to Query Operators

For M001 - MongoDB Basics, Chapter 3: Deeper Dive on the MongoDB Query Language, Introduction to Query Operators, the question reads “For which CRUD operations can one use the query operators we will discuss in this chapter?”. The possible choices…

1.) Create
2.) Read
3.) Update
4.) Delete

I selected only 1 and 3. The answer they are looking for is all 4 selected.

I am somewhat frustrated at the lack of consistency in the use of terms. The operator ‘Read’ does not exist. The expected operator is find(). The operator ‘Delete’ does not exist, the expected operator is remove(). If the question is not operator specific, and is simply more conceptual, then don’t use the word ‘operator’. Use the word ‘concept’ instead. When a student must interpret the instructor’s intent the opportunity for opinions can cause wrong answers.

To be pedantic, the question does not mention “operators” it states “operations”. CRUD are the four standard operations in a database. And yeah, you can use a query filter on each of’m.

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