Introducing Flexible Sync (Preview) - The Next Iteration of Realm Sync

We are excited to announce the public preview of our next version of Realm Sync: Flexible Sync. This new method of syncing puts the power into the hands of the developer. Now, developers can get more granular control over the data synced to user applications with intuitive language-native queries and hierarchical permissions.

Prior to launching the general availability of Realm Sync in February 2021, the Realm team spent countless hours with developers learning how they build best-in-class mobile applications. A common theme emerged—building real-time, offline-first mobile apps requires an overwhelming amount of complex, non-differentiating work.

Our first version of Realm Sync addressed this pain by abstracting away offline-first, real-time syncing functionality using declarative APIs. It expedited the time-to-market for many developers and worked well for apps where data is static and compartmentalized, or where permissions rarely need to change. But for dynamic apps and complex use cases, developers still had to spend time creating workarounds instead of developing new features. With that in mind, we built the next iteration of Realm Sync: Flexible Sync.

Flexible Sync is designed to help developers:

  • Get to market faster: Use intuitive, language-native queries to define the data synced to user applications instead of proprietary concepts.
  • Optimize real-time collaboration between users: Utilize object-level conflict-resolution logic.
  • Simplify permissions: Apply role-based logic to applications with an expressive permissions system that groups users into roles on a pe-class or collection basis.

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