Introducing Chris Lindsey

Hi all :wave:,
Looking forward to using the Mongo DB Forum and of course using Mongo DB! I am a (relative newbee) swift developer excited by the prospect of using Mongo DB to sync and secure what is currently just a local realm db for my new iphone flashcard app project. See you all soon in the forum (of course I already have a question waiting in the wings …!) .


Hi @Chris_Lindsey,

Welcome to the MongoDB Community and thanks for sharing some context on what you are planning to develop/learn!

You may find @Diego_Freniche’s Flash Card Memory App a useful reference for your project: GitHub - mongodb-developer/flash-cards-memory-app: Architecture sample for an iOS/Android App using UI/Domain/Data with different Repositories implementations, including local Realm and MongoDB Realm.

For Realm Sync, Realm Partitioning Strategies and Realm Weekly Bytes may also be helpful.



I will certainly check that out - thank you.

Hi @Chris_Lindsey and welcome to the MongoDB Forums!

Beware that app is an example of how to decouple the Data Layer & Domain Layer (in a “Clean Architecture”) from the UI. So there are a bunch of Swift packages and you can, in the end, choose between a Realm Implementation (or an ad-hoc implementation that does nothing right now).

This is not well explained, I should review that README. If you try to use it, let me help you with that :wink: